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Hvorfor oversættes fri software til Esperanto?

mandag, 22. december 2008

Her er et udemærket bud fra en amerikansk esperanto-talende:

“When I was studying French, I loaded a French versions of Windows onto my computer, for practice. I’ve done the same with Windows/Netscape in Swedish and Hebrew, when I wanted to immerse myself in those, too. It makes sense to have an Esperanto version for people who want to immerse themselves in Esperanto.

Also, a computer isn’t always a tool to be used by just one person. Consider the Universala Kongreso each year: If they wanted to provide a few computers with internet access, that conventioneers can use, what language would the computer be in? If it were in Japanese during the UK in Yokohama, how useful would that have been to foreign visitors? Many of other situations are like this: The UK organizing committee has its own office where it runs things, and presumably they need computers in the office, to used by an international group of volunteers. Or consider the offices of UEA or the offices of the Oomoto newsletter, both of which use Esperanto as their operating language — they’d need computers that everyone in the office can use.

Of course, I also support what others have said: It helps exercise Esperanto vocabulary in these areas, builds experience among Esperanto speakers, builds relationships between cooperating Esperanto speakers, and builds relationships between the Esperanto community and the non-Esperanto world (such as the open source community).”

I FESTOKLUBO har vi en Ubuntu-maskine stående med 80 % af de mest anvendte programmer oversat til Esperanto. Det fungerer helt fint.